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Since my wife and I started having children (and all the disruption that comes with them), sitting in the last pew for Mass has become our norm.  Having sat towards the front of the church growing up, I discovered that it can be an entirely different experience when you sit in the back.

A lot of things happen at the back of the church that would surprise a devout Catholic. What happens back there- the common and the human, is largely different from what happens at the altar- the extraordinary and the sacred. This disparity between the front and the back, or in other words, what we preach as a Church and what we actually do as a people, are the thoughts behind this blog.

Some of the posts are informative while others are opinionated.  You might laugh or have your own views challenged.  All of them are about Catholicism, and how it looks from someone who initially wanted to a priest, but is now being formed in fatherhood by his wife and three small children.  We do the best we can to be a family of faith, and people say it's interesting to watch.

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Dedicated To
Totus Tuus
Saint Pope John Paul II

Born May 18, 1920
Baptized Karol Jozef Wojtyla June 20, 1920
Presbyteral Ordination November 1, 1946
Episcopal Consecration September 28, 1958

Elected Pontiff October 16, 1978
Died April 2, 2005

Beatified May 1, 2011
Canonized April 27, 2014

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